Radical Housing Network (RHN) Conference: Direct action in a time of crisis

Where now for the grassroots housing movement? Come and join Action East End and other grass roots housing activists to discuss where we are now, where we want to go and how to get there.

When: on Nov 14th  10 am to 6 pm

Where: All Saints Community Centre, 105 New Cross Rd. London, SE14 5DJ

The sessions are:

  1. The Roots of the Crisis
  2. The State: On our side or On our backs?
  3. The Activist Response



Howler 16 Out Now! Keep the Rich off our Pitch

The 16th edition of the Howler is now out. We focus on a range of new campaigns in Newham and Tower Hamlets. We also include an article from the inspiring Reclaim Hackney.


Another five years of a Conservative government, determined to attack the working class and those most vulnerable in society, has caused both anger and despair. Whilst some spend their time moaning and planning for the next election, others are stepping up the fight-back that had already gained momentum well before the election. Campaigns continue to spring up all over East London: eviction resistance, saving social housing from developers, protests against the tower blocks being built for the rich, fights to preserve important community places such as markets and pubs, and a general fightback against austerity and cuts.  What all the campaigns have in common is the determination to make sure that the working class can afford to live and work in East London. This is becoming increasingly difficult as the whole area is becoming gentrified, as seen in the increased rents and house prices and the spread of up-market chain stores, ‘boutiques’, and expensive cafes and restaurants. Working class neighbourhoods are being rebranded, like the new ‘Upton Village’. The Chief Executive of Galliard, Stephen Conway (born in Bow himself) is quoted in the Daily Telegraph as saying: “London is no longer affordable for people on normal wages. In fact, it never really was”. We refuse to accept that a city like London is for the rich.

In this issue of The Howler, we focus on some of the new campaigns that are adding their voice to Focus E15, Friends of Queen’s Market, Fred John Towers and others in the struggle to stop social cleansing and gentrification. Boleyn Development 100 is demanding 100% social housing on the site of the West Ham stadium. The lack of truly affordable housing is the main factor forcing people to move out of the area. Save Chrisp St Market in Poplar, similar to Friends of Queen’s Market in Upton Park, realises the danger to the community if a traditional market is ‘redeveloped’; it means higher prices, shops and traders forced out and social housing knocked down. The end result is that a working class community has been changed into one that is aimed at the well-off. The campaign stresses that cheap shopping is as crucial to maintaining a local community as housing. More and more people are joining the struggle. As one campaigner from Boleyn Development 100 said: ‘Keep the rich off our pitch!’




Bargees gathering

Members of Action East End, as well as other members of the Radical Housing Network, supported the Bargees gathering at Victoria Park this afternoon. It is clear that the moves against the bargees who circulate is motivated by the social cleansing agenda as is the evictions of individuals and whole estates from homes on land. The aim of the Canal and River Trust- now headed by an ex- Marks and Spencers Executive- is to clear the waterways of those who aren’t paying huge amounts of money. They clearly want the canals and rivers to be for the rich and their yachts as well as part of the means of selling canal-side property. Be ready to support the bargees and any moves to evict them from the canals and rivers.

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Protest against the property developers!

Occupy London have organised a protest at the Property Awards ceremony at the Grosvenor Hotel for 5:30 on Tuesday, April 21st. This is the chance to directly challenge those developers like Gailliard who have been building luxury high rises all over east London.



New Howler Out Now!

Number 15 of the East End Howler, the news sheet of Action East End, has just come out just in time for March for Homes demo where we got rid of shedloads.
If you want a copy, or a bundle to distribute, get in touch with us.
This issue features articles on E15 Mothers, fredJohn Towers, Celebrity Activists, New era, , Galliard and Boleyn Ground, Galliard and Capital Towers! Luvverly stuff. Hurry to get your copy before they all run out. Online soon.

No Poor Doors Protest. Every Wednesday at 6 pm.

This protest has been going for some months. It is challenging the fact that Redrow, the owner of the luxury block, has one door for its desired residents and another door for those in its ‘affordable’ accommodation. This is unacceptable and shows what is happening to East London- gentrification and social apartheid.

Please support. We from Action East End have been down there with our banner and also have distributed the Howler.  The property is at 1 Commercial St, next to Aldgate East Tube station.

Read more about the protest and about Redrow who own the block in the latest issue of the Howler.

Howler 14 Out now!

Issue 14 of  Action East End’s paper, The East End Howler is now out. It features articles about the Focus E15 Mothers campaign and The No Poor Doors campaign

You can pick up a copy at East London bookshops

Freedom Bookshop, Angel Alley, 84b Whitechapel High Street, London E1

Newham Bookshop, 747 Barking Road, London E13

East Side Books, 166 Brick Lane, London E1

Downloads here.