No Poor Doors Protest. Every Wednesday at 6 pm.

This protest has been going for some months. It is challenging the fact that Redrow, the owner of the luxury block, has one door for its desired residents and another door for those in its ‘affordable’ accommodation. This is unacceptable and shows what is happening to East London- gentrification and social apartheid.

Please support. We from Action East End have been down there with our banner and also have distributed the Howler.  The property is at 1 Commercial St, next to Aldgate East Tube station.

Read more about the protest and about Redrow who own the block in the latest issue of the Howler.


Screening of the film Trail of the Spider, Stratford Picture House, 27 April 2009, 8.30pm

TRAIL OF THE SPIDER will be screened on Monday the 27th of April, 8.30pm at the Stratford East Picturehouse, Salway Road, London E15 1BX.

The screening is part of the East End Film Festival and will be followed by a discussion panel with the filmmakers, cast members Claudette Bonney and Floyd and Rose Cupit from Film, who funded the film.

Western genre motifs are transformed to the landscape of East London. Questioning and re-imagining the Western’s portrayal of the “Vanishing Frontier”, this film recreates the epic panoramas of the Western in Hackney Marshes, the Thames Gateway and Essex. Using landfills, wastelands and gravel pits linked to the construction of the 2012 Olympic Park, it questions volatile financial speculations, private interests and the spectre of the Olympic gold rush. Working with a large cast of actors and non-actors (many of whom are themselves residents of East London), the film explores the compromises of a population facing this new order.