Local Groups & Campaigns

Friends of Queens Market
Campaigning to celebrate London’s most ethnically diverse market and save it from a property developer.

Focus E15 Campaign
Campaign of single mothers for the right to social housing. Slogan: Social Housing not Social Cleansing

Save Our Nurseries (Tower Hamlets)
Campaign or parents and nursery workers to keep 4 nurseries open which are under threat of closure by Tower Hamlets council.

Save Carpenters Estate
Campaign of residents, University College lecturers and students and other local supports to save the historic estate from demolition by Newham Council and UCL.

Newham Claimants Union
Union of those claiming benefits or pension credits

Newham Monitoring Project
An independent community-based anti-racist organisation

London Coalition Against Poverty
An organisation based on the idea that through solidarity and direct action, ordinary people have the power to change our own lives

Bajuni Women Advocacy Group
A group for Bajuni women
170 Harold Road, Harold Road Centre, London E13 0SE

London City Airport Fight the Flights
Saying no to expansion at City Airport

Save Bancroft Library
Save Tower Hamlets local history Library & archives at Bancroft Road

Games Monitor
Debunking Olympics myths

Roma Support Group
A community organisation working with East European Roma refugees and migrants since 1998.

East London Against Arms Fairs
Opposing the Arms Fair since it came to ExCeL in 2001 and will continue to do so until it is cancelled.


5 Comments on “Local Groups & Campaigns”

  1. Focus E15 says:

    Hi, can you add the Focus E15 campaign to your list? Thank you.

  2. Alicja says:

    Thank you for your support – parents of Save Our Nurseries Tower Hamlets

  3. actioneastend says:

    Thanks for this. We will do am article in the Howler about your victory.

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